What the Reporters are saying about Cody

From 2011:

From the report of the 2011 All American OSD Championship

Setter male Ridge Creek Cody was named runner-up. He ran after lunch on Tuesday in cool overcast conditions. Cody had finds at 20 and 44 where he exhibited excellent location, style and intensity. He stood at 24 and handler called flight of birds but none were seen officially. Cody’s race was forward and reaching. Kinkelaar and Cody have an excellent rapport demonstrated by Cody’s handling response. Cody was raised and developed by his owner Larry Brutger of St. Cloud, Minn. Matt Eder helped with Cody’s early training. Larry was riding to enjoy Cody’s performance. Cody was named the Bill Conlin Derby of the Year in 2009.

What they didn’t mention was that Cody finished like a Rock Star floating 300 + yards to the front. I overheard the judge saying “that was a beautiful move” .

Here are some quotes from the American Field from Cody’s Derby season.

He hasn't won a CH yet but here is what they tought of him at The Egyptpian OSD CH

An excerpt from the report of the National Shooting Dog Futurity.

A despription of his effort at the Texas Open Derby

From the Report of the Southwest MO Open Shooting Dog Champuionship